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Heal At Home InDepth Exercises

Energetic and Magical Exercises that Bring Your Thoughts into Reality

You know I am all about balance right? This set of deeper coaching and healing exercises which are going to bring the changes that you want into reality. Each exercise is layered with changes which will effect your practical life, your emotional well-being, your mindset and your spiritual pathway. As a Energetic & Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Coach, Mentor & Hypnotherapist I have brought all of my favourite exercises in one place for you to use!

How to choose the right one for you:

Have a look through the headers to decide which exercise suits your current needs.

Click and decide if it's what you need.

Purchase and instantly download!

These are exercises that my clients tell me they use time and time again; value not just for this moment but skills and tools to last a lifetime.

You can use any of these alongside any of your own ritualistic work and your own healing systems.

If you like these, and would like something, slightly lighter, to dip into on a regular basis? Why not join My Practical Magic Coffee Club; Coming Soon! Get on the waiting list here!

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