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Letting Go of the Past and Saying Goodbye to the Inner Saboteur


One of my most popular and indepth client home study; a double bubble of mental and emotional release!


These two exercises work really well together as it allows us to let go of much of what I have found holds most of us back, and my clients give me great feedback on.


Here I give you an understanding of your protective mechanisms and why you maybe struggling to simply overlay new habits over still existing mindsets. You receive lifelong tools that you can use to focus yourself on areas in your life which you find are struggling to move forward from, or are subconsciously causing you issues.


You will know this is for you if:

  • you feel or notice you self sabotage
  • you have a pattern of falling back into old habits or behaviours despite 'knowing' you want to change
  • you have emotional overhangs, sadness or anger, which there is no reason for in your current life


This will give you:

  • tools you can use time and again
  • great value for money
  • a sense of release
  • a deeper understanding of why you are have been struggling to move forwaed
  • freedom to start change from a blank space
  • free access to support in my exclusive facebook groups and membership.


The more you put into this work the more you will get out; so ask for help where you need it.


If you feel you need targeted help please book in a free one to one to see how I can help you on your healing journey, book in a free consult here:


Use this in conjunction with my Kaizen and Seeing the Change exercise and the Focus on a Joyful Future Exercise, also available in the Practical Magic Exercises, to cement in your long term change.


As always, I give you the logical and the emotional, the practical and the spiritual.


You can link this into any personal healing you are doing, any Sabbat or moon work you are do or your manifestatiom rituals, in order to supercharge your energy work; coupling change in the physical dimensions, grounding out and bringing into reality your energy healing and personal flavour of magic.

Letting Go Of the Past & Saying Goodbye to the Inner Saboteur

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