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Crystals are the ultimate way to heal, manifest a new mindset, reality or situation in your life. They work with the Earth's energy to bring the way we would like life to be, into reality, including health and wellness.


I have been working with crystals for many years and using them not just for wellness, but for manifestation. They are an easy way to bring beautiful magical energy into our home. They change the vibration of the space around them, healing you at a cellular level and improving any environment they are in.

Here are my personal choice of crystals' ones which I use myself, ones which are unusual and powerful, that will make your crystal collection pop!  Have a scroll through the below listings and give me a shout if you have any questions.

How do I choose my crystals?

Have a browse through and see which one you are drawn to.

Look at the banners and see which one suits your needs

Ask me!

Whether you use crystals alongside your healing or your manifestation work, they invoke the 1st dimensional energies of the planet herself. Bringing your intention into the physical realms and so making them real, quicker! When used against other types of energy work, such as healing/Reiki, energetic and magical manifestation, you are working with multiple dimensions, approaching your intention from more than one angle and so making it even more powerful!

FREE UK delivery when you spend over £30!

Want to learn how to heal with crystals or Reiki Healing? Find out more about the course I have to offer on the Teaching Page.

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