Crystals are the ultimate way to manifest a new mindset, reality or situation in your life. They work with the Earth's energy to bring the way we would like life to be, into reality.


When used to their ultimate ability, as I do here, they heal us physically, emotionally, heal away restrictive mindsets and situations to reveal your true self.

I have created a series of spellbinding crystal grids, for you to purchase and use in your home. Designed to serve Your Greatest Pathway alongside Your Earthly Needs, take control of your Spiritual and Healing journey today. You can use it to focus on an area of healing or mindset you are working through; apart from focusing on your grid for a few moments a day, you can allow the grid to do the Spiritual heavy lifting healing.

How do if I know if I need a crystal grid?

Do you have trouble bringing your healing into reality?

Are you focusing on bringing real world changes into your life, quickly?

Do you like to regularly work with a mindset or area of healing?

Do you find you have little time for healing?

How do I know which grid is for me?

Have a browse through and see which one you are drawn to.

Look at the banners and see which one suits your needs

Ask me!

Each grid has full instructions and are easy & beautiful to use.

Many of us do the mental and spiritual work and wait for it to filter through the emotional layers into the physical. With the magic of crystals, you bring your mindset into your physical reality much quicker, as well as helping heal the mindset as they are anchored in Celestial Energy.

Unsure which one to choose? Just ask!


Want something bespoke to suit your needs? Please let me know!