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The Ultimate Mind, Body, Spirit Book.

Available in both paperback and Kindle editions globally through Amazon, introducing you to the Banshee, exploring the myths and facts around her, allowing you to connect into her, her wisdom and healing.

Incorporating hypnotherapy and healing techniques, free yourself from themes of loss, anger and sorrow in your own time and space. Allowing you to focus on joy, love and community.

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You'll know this book is for you if:

  • You are an Empath, energy sensitive or healer

  • You have an interest in the Etheric, the Spirituality and Ancient Spiritual practices.

  • You have healing to do around the themes of grief, loss and anger.

  • You wish to find your soul tribe, or to have a life based in joy.

  • You have Celtic heritage, or have a draw to the Celtic civilisation or mysticism.

Sound up your street? Have a look at the full details and buy on Amazon today here!

I have a limited number of books available with an old style cover which I currently have on offer to UK customers for £9.99!

You can opt to have it personalised and comes with free 2nd class P&P. Click here for more info and to buy!

What Others Have Found:

'This is one of the best spiritual books I have read. Full of wisdom for your personal development.' Matt

'Absolutely love the approach of this book! Its personable and full to the brim of aha moments that could have you highlighting paragraphs and writing in the margins every time you read it. I especially love the exercises and invitations to deepen your understanding. Amazing book.' Nici

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