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I aim to heal and transform, enable and enlighten in all of my work.  Why choose me?

  • Psychic (nearly 20 years experience)

  • Platform and Demonstration level Spirutual Medium

  • Empathic Healer with over 15 years experience

  • Teacher with over 12 years experience.

  • My work is my passion and life calling!

Unsure what to go with? Feel free to Contact Me or Book a Free Consult Call.


I am pleased to announce I have some workshop dates; see the individual course below! I am teaching via my home therapy room and online, due to the economic climate. I am happy to book dates to suit you for one to one, or in groups of two, if you have a friend who would like to study with you. Please Contact Me, pop your name on the Waiting List here, or book a Free Telephone Consult to find out more.

So you've got to the bottom of the page and wondering what to do next?
Did you know, the Source of your issue, is rarely what you think it is?
Book in with me, for your free Enlightenment consult, where I will reveal how to personally unbind yourself, and reclaim your personal power. Revealations and a Forward Path


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