Practical Magic Coffee Club
Community, Magic, Self Illumination.

Practical Magic Coffee Club is a space where you have access to an exclusive set of magical, mindset & healing exercises, rituals and practices which will help change your life at your pace! All ready to download at your fingertips! Plus have virtual backup of myself and a Tribe of like minded lovelies!

All for the price of buying me a coffee n cake once a month! Yum!

How do you know if this is right for you?

Do you have an appetite for all things spiritual, witchy and woo-woo?

Are you a balanced individual, looking for a mixture of logical mindset growth & emotional energetic work?

Are you looking to manifest your true life's path?

Are you on a journey of self illumination, growth and change?

Do you seek joy and don't like to take yourself too seriously?

These are exercises that my clients tell me they use time and time again; value not just for this moment but skills and tools to last a lifetime. The more you put into the space the more you get out of it; you can move forward at a pace which suits you own emotional needs as they change.

From these online exercises I hope you will gain the following:

Feeling empowered and in control of your own journey.

Peace and harmony.

A sense of forward momentum and upliftment.

Real Life Changes in Your Life.

Joy of access to a like minded tribe.

You can use any of these alongside any of your own ritualistic work and your own healing systems.

Coming Soon! Join My Practical Magic Coffee Club waiting list here!; 

Practical Magic Coffee Club Coming Soon!