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My Services

  • Galilean Tailored Healing - Free Consult

    To find out how I can help you remove emotional, physical and psycholo...

    30 min


  • Life Guidance Readings Online

    A deep look at your situation via Skype or Facebook video messanger.

    1 hr


  • Pure Spiritual Mediumship Online Reading

    Messages of Love & Hope from your Loved Ones in Spirit; Online Reading

    45 min


  • Galilean Root Cause Tailored Healing

    Removing Your Life Blocks from emotional, physical and psychological c...

    2 hr


  • Pure Energetic Healing Session

    Advanced Reiki techniques, crystal therapy and Sound therapy

    1 hr


  • Past Life Regression therapy

    Heal & Empowerment; for Spiritual interest, self understanding and rel...

    1 hr 30 min


  • One to One Development Skype Chat

    Developing your Spiritual gifts, your teaching and your Spiritual unde...

    1 hr


  • Post Galilean Root Cause Follow Up

    Instilling the Change Long Term for Quicker Results

    1 hr 30 min


  • Empath Banshee Healing w Goddess Roisin

    The Power of the Dark Rose, Roisin; Relieving you of your burden.

    2 hr