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Gifting Yourself the Space to Heal at Your Own Pace

I have a range of at home loveliness that you can use to heal yourself in various ways!

You know me; I am all about the balance. Logic plus Emotion. Power of the Mind and the Power of the Universe. Your Personal Interests and the Greater Good. Heart and Head. For all you logical, yet totally diverse thinkers, I am sure you will find something from my out-of-the-box range of solutions, which is going to both heal the past, and allow you to move forward.

How to choose?

Have a look at the choices below and see what you're drawn to.

Have a scroll through my shop and see what you're drawn to.

Ask! Feel free to ask me what I have that can help!


 Bringing your Healing & Mindset changes into Reality; & Looking totally Gorgeous as it does!

Book Shelf

My Book Recommendations from my Personal Stash!

Banshee Heart Healer

The Ultimate Mind Body & Spirit book. Introducing the Wisdom the Banshee has for the Modern Age.

E-Gift Vouchers

Thoughtful and Memorable Gifting for Your Loved Ones

Heal At Home
Indepth Exercises

Energetic and Magical Exercises that Bring Your Thoughts into Reality

Witchy Merch

Exclusive Fab and Sassy mugs and bags to add a sprinkling of magic to your morning cuppa or mug rituals!

Practical Magic Coffee Club

Coffee break sized balanced exercises & practices to bring real world change for a few pound a month

Essential Oils

Coming Soon!


Everything else! Have a quick looksee! 

Browse all the goodies I have for you!

Or choose from the selection above

SALE!! Have a looksee! All genuine sale items!

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