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Create the Change You Yearn For!


A practical yet deeply intuitive download, to help you with your intention setting and seeing it manifest in your life. Two amazing tools to use time and time again; when used together producing really effective, long lasting change.


Kaizen is a Japanese technique to encourage small change, working step by step, to bring about long term, large change in an easy way.


Seeing the Change is my own method of noticing and nurturing the change in your life. Just like a seedling the new seed appears small to start with. But by focusing your energy on these small changes, in nurturing your seedling, giving it the time and space to grow, you will find that you build strong foundational roots to make a long term change in your life.


You'll need this in your life if:

  • you are want to see real life change in your life
  • you have done mindset, healing & talking therapies but want a practical way to move forward
  • you struggle with confidence, self-care or boundaries
  • you want quick, grounded results from emotional, mindset or spiritual healing
  • you would benefit from support in my groups to help emotionally and practically.


This will give you:

  • practical ways to prioritise what change you want to see you in your life.
  • a way to evaluate the change you are creating and move forward with it at your pace
  • Ideas and suggestions for change, as well as somewhere to go for more ideas
  • a sense of forward momentum and feel of control in your life.
  • tools and skills to use for life.
  • support within my groups, which come included in the cost.
  • amazing value for money


As always, I give you the logical and the emotional, the practical and the spiritual.


You can link this into any personal healing you are doing, any Sabbat or moon work you are do or your manifestatiom rituals, in order to supercharge your energy work; coupling change in the physical dimensions, grounding out and bringing into reality your energy healing and personal flavour of magic.


Download today! A wonderful tool which can be used over and over.


If you feel you need targeted help please book in a free one to one to see how I can help you on your healing journey, book in a free consult here:


Use this in conjunction with my Kaizen and Seeing the Change hand out, also available in the Practical Magic Exercises, to cement in your long term change.

Nurturing your Life Change - Kaizen & Seeing the Change

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