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Focusing on a Joyful Future


  • Have you moved forward or on in your life or mindset, but need some forward momentum?
  • Do you work on the vibration of empowerment, joy and abundance?
  • Has your life changed, and your goals need to be readdressed as a result?


This exercise combines some of my most powerful mindset magic; Seidr as it was called by Freya and the Ancient Nordics. Hypnotherapy techiques, meditation/journeying, practical magic and coaching exercises! Literally bringing your dreams into reality.


Mindset change grounded into our reality, with proven techniques that work for me and my clients!


And the best part is, you don't even need to know what you future looks like at the moment?


Using yourself as the centre pin for your own future, we energetically and then physically bring your future and anchor it into the now! Bringing your change quicker than you think!


Here I share with you my personal manifestation secrets, of focusing not on what you want in your life, but what you want it to feel like. Allowing your reality to spiral out from there.


A practical hand out as well as a MP3 meditation you can download to use time and time again. Access to my exclusive Client Lounge to chat about your change, ask for ideas, or to just be part of the community.


With this you have a tool for life that you can revisit on a regular basis.


This is for you if:

  • you feel you have no forward momentum
  • you have done the healing work and need to move on
  • you want a life based in emotional security, joy and abundance.
  • you are not sure what you want from life in practical terms.
  • you love a bit of woo-woo work in all it's forms.
  • you understand that everything in the Universe is made from energy (quamtum physics at it's best!)
  • you want to physically manifest a good life, not just dream about it.


You will gain:

  • MP3 to use over and over
  • Print out to use on a digital device or print out.
  • A practical yet fun way forward!
  • a sense of joy and focus
  • a feeling of easy and not restrictive control
  • forward movement
  • a connection back into your child like joy
  • an amazing value tool you can use for a life time
  • access into my exclusive support groups for ideas and thoughts

A Focus on a Joyful Future

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