My extensive blog is designed to help all levels of experience. Whether you are new to energy work or have been working in the field some time, I write what I am drawn to and I am sure you will find something of interest. Please have a look and subscribe for regular updates.


Hi! I am Rachael. Thank you for coming to my page. I am a teacher, healer and modern mystic. I have a passion for healing and teaching, and work with Reiki healing, Hypnotherapy, Sound therapy, Crystal healing therapy, mindfulness and meditation techniques.


I work by on getting to the Source of your issues, life block or emotional, physical or psychological condition through my healing style, Galilean Healing, to help you in the long term. If you would like to find out more please click here to find out how you can book a free half hour telephone consultation to see if we can work together.

I have created & channelled my own style of Reiki – Galilean Healing; True Heart of Jesus Reiki. This is a certificated and insurable course which I teach out. I feel it fits beautifully with my range of certificated and insurable courses, including Reiki healing from beginners to Teachers, and my crystal therapy. Please click here to find out if learning to heal would suit you.

I have been consciously working with Spirit for over 14 years now and healing for nearly the same length of time. I offer Life Guidance readings, more information here, where I connect into your guides and your higher self in order to provide you with perspective and understanding on what you have been going through and where you are headed.

I adore passing out information to other people, and do this through regular blogs on Wordpress, teaching, workshops, talks, community groups and videos on my Facebook page and my YouTube channel.

I would love to provide a talk or bespoke workshop for a group you may run. Please contact me here for more information.

Please also see my first book 'The Banshee; Heart Healer: The Briar Rose & Divine Feminine', available to purchase from Amazon here.

Here you will find a growing list of short videos and links to blogs which I hope you will find will provide answers to questions you will have about me and my work.