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Hi! I am Rachael. Thank you for finding out more about me! Video below if you want a quick chat. I am a Teacher, Healer and Mystic. I believe in helping others to find their own power, and that the Sensitive Souls and Empaths, should be seen more, for their own personal strengths, and the beauty in their sensitivity and connection. I believe in logic & emotion, healing the heart of the matter, with grounded, real world results.

I am on my own journey as a very sensitive Empath. (Beware anyone who proclaims their journey into themselves to be complete!). My background in Finance came as a result of doing what I thought was 'right'​, and not wanting to hurt the feelings of others. After the birth of my eldest child, I decided to transform my life for the better, doing what I wanted to do with my life. Healing and my Spiritual Connection being the only thing that ever felt like my calling. Certainly not an option the Career Advisor at school would have ever discussed with me!

I now help others like me, to empower themselves, to build healthy boundaries, choosing to say Yes to what we know in our hearts and souls is the right thing; often very different to the rules our upbringing and society tells us. Allowing our life path to unfold easily around us and to draw our Soul Tribe close. Choosing to manifest and create a life of joy and love in all it's forms!

I find other Empaths, Creatives, those in Wellness and on their Spiritual Pathway are drawn to work with me,

To find out more about what I offer maybe the right fit for you now, click below to have a look a look at my services; see what takes your fancy!

I love learning; here are my credentials and qualifications (life experience and pretty pieces of paper!)

  • Lifetime of Spiritual Connection

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Crystal Healer & Teacher

  • Past Life Regressionist

  • Professional Psychic, Card Reader and Teacher

  • Author

  • Old Soul

  • On Spiritual Pathway 20 years

  • Channelled Advanced Reiki 'Galilean Healing'

  • CBT Life Coach

  • Sound Healer

  • 17 Years of Meditation Experience

  • Professional & Proven Platform Spiritual Medium

  • South Coast UK Teaching School; with online options

  • Empath

I luuurve writing and love sharing information!


My extensive articles and blogs are designed to  be free resources to help all levels of experience. From opinions to practical exercises, you will find plenty to help you on your journey; whether you are new to energy work or have been on your pathway sometime! Click the button here to see it in full!

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So you've got to the bottom of the page and wondering what to do next?
Did you know, the Source of your issue, is rarely what you think it is?
Book in with me, for your free Enlightenment consult, where I will reveal how to personally unbind yourself, and reclaim your personal power. Revealations and a Forward Path


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