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Over 180 ideas and concepts to Inspire, Heal and Build the Future You Desire!


From myself, Rachael, Teacher, Healer, Author and Modern Mystic. Using all of my skills as a Hypnotherapist, Master Healer, Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I give you my best tried and tested exercises.


Explaining why Journaling is a life changing tool, and how each exercise will help your life in a practical way, pick what suits your mood or focus on what you want to achieve. Something light, or something deeper. Something daily, or a longer term project.


The prompts will leave you with a deeper understanding of yourself, why you are here, and how to take your life forward, in a focused and easy way.



  • Heal the Past
  • Letters                                           
  • Basic Needs                                                 
  • The Present  
  • Goal Setting 
  • The Learning Curve                 
  • Gratitude                                        
  • Worries; Lists                                                
  • Stress: Triggers & Identifying
  • Reducing Stress                                         
  • Self-Care                                                       
  • Night Time Anxiety                                 
  • Emotions                                                        
  • Create Your Future                                                
  • Healthy Boundaries                                 
  • Seven!                                                                
  • The Big Picture     


Empowering your personality just as it needs to be.

Not Any Old Basic Book of Journaling Inspiration

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