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House Clearance Kit! Do you find your house feels heavy & certain areas gather junk or feel weird? Do you need to feel confident in your house clearance techniques?


Everything you need for your monthly house cleansing:

  • Reiki Attuned Selenite Crystal mini wand
  • Lavender Smoke Bundle
  • Crystal Essence spray - Violet Flame; designed to raise vibration - 50ml
  • Blessed Herbal Salts - your choice! 50g
  • Full Instructions & ritual; personalisable


This kit will give you confidence in your cleanse, and give you a routine which you can stick to monthly, while tuning into your personal belief system and your personal power. Allowing your home to feel brighter and freer, clearing emotions as well as inviting in abundance.


Locally created by a solitary hedge witch (me!) with 10 years magical practice under her bat wing sleeve and a Reiki Master with nearly 20 years in the Spiritual arena. 


Ethical & powerful. Using local ingredients increases the potency and also respects other cultures. Allowing native cultures to protect not only their own products, but also keep their rituals sacred. (e.g. white sage and santo paulo). 


Full instructions included, with detail to make the ritual personal to you.


Any questions please ask!

House Clearance Kit

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