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Reiki 1
Beginners Healing

Reiki 2 - Professional Level

£175 per person for a group of 2 or more, or £225 for a one to one.

A workshop for those who would like to learn to learn hands on energy healing with no experience necessary, for you to use on yourself, friends and family. This workshop will give you a qualification as a Reiki 1st Degree healer.



Do you or a loved one have a long term condition to manage?

Have you always wanted to help others and felt you were meant for greater things?

Are you on a conscious Spiritual journey and wish to progress forward?


Reiki is a Japanese healing system, developed by Mikao Usui in the late 19th century. The system is founded on his discoveries from the Ancient Indian Sutras, written thousands of years ago.


It heals the physical, the emotional, our mindsets and our life paths.


If you would like to deepen your Spiritual journey, or to help manage yourself, friends or family, with long term or chronic illnesses which Modern Western Medicine cannot cure, then you will find this workshop invaluable.



If you would like to know more about what healing is and how it works, from a logical yet emotional perspective, then please click here:


Through the day you will:


• Tune into the Reiki Energy

• Receive 4 Reiki attunements

• Receive a full workbook for the day.

• Give a healing to friends and family

• Heal yourself

• Learn the hand positions for laid down and seated treatments

• How to heal Animals and Children

• Certificate for Workshop which can be used for Professional Bodies


Why learn through me?


✅ Highly experienced Teacher

✅ Full workbook

✅ Exclusive access to Facebook support group

✅ Access to Monthly Healing Share

✅ Preferential rates if you continue your healing journey with me

✅ Beyond Reiki teaching

✅ I'd love to teach you!!! 💖💖💖


This is a small home based workshop; friendly yet professional. With other like minded people. If you would prefer to learn alone, please contact me directly & we can liaise over dates. Please note it will cost more.


For Reiki 1 you will not be able to give out treatments professionally, but you will be able to from Reiki 2. Please note that I offer Reiki 2 workshops seperately and like to work at pace with my students. I do not offer both workshops out over a weekend for various reasons.


I teach traditional Usui Reiki and my lineage goes back to Usui. However I also teach out the techniques that I have been shown for the last few years which are self-developed and developed with Spirit's help. This is essential learning for the current era we work in and the awakening that is happening. So you will find this unlike any other Reiki workshop you will be offered.


What others say:


"I did Rachaels Reiki 1st Degree Practitioners Workshop on the 11th Dec and from the moment I arrived I felt so cared for. Rachael is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable, approachable and grounded in the way she teaches and open to all questions - Loved every minute of it and look forward to doing more with Rachael in the future"



Just bring with you your lunch and a pen; feel free to bring any notebooks you like to use for this sort of thing, but you will be provided with a full workbook!

I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation - and teach inline with their guidelines.

Please please ask if you have any questions! Only silly question is the one not asked!

Rachael 😊

To get on the Waiting List for a group workshop please click here or to arrange a one to one please Contact Me here

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