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  • Are you looking for an energetic pick me up or healing, for yourself or someone else?
  • Are you in need of physical or emotional healing and balance?
  • Do you or a loved one have a situation going on around you which you need forward momentum on?


Energy is not restricted by time or space; as an experienced Master I can I offer very effective healing via distance. Crystals bringing all of the magic of the planet, alongside the advanced Reiki vibrations I work on for healing, which connect directly into the Highers Self via the Christed Consciousness. Heal emotionally, physically, and mentally and spiritually.


If you would like forward momentum for a situation around you, or a loved one, then healing will allow you to unlock your life path and your spiritual pathway.


What you will receive:

  • A crystal grid intuitively set up for you
  • Advanced Reiki sent from the Christed Consciousness Vibration
  • Sent by distance to you or a loved one
  • Photo of the grid
  • Chakra Report
  • Healing REport


The Healing will be sent witin 24 hours of purchase; no appointment needed. You will receive a Chakra report & photo of the Grid after; there is no live interaction. The Energy will come to you at the most appropriate time; when you are quiet, in meditation or asleep.


If you would like to book in for longer, more targeted online healing there are options available to you: have a look here:


If you are buying this for someone else, please let me know their name, and a photo if possible, to connect in with their energy properly. Please note; unless you have direct permission from the individual to whom you are sending the healing, then I can only send to Higher Self, and am not able to assess their energy directly. In which case you will not receive a detailed report.


Want to know more about distance healing before purchasing: have a look here:

DISTANCE HEALING - Advanced Crystal Reiki

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