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Covid Announcement: I have a limited of Face to Face appointments for therapy, at special request only. There is a surcharge of £15, to mitigate cleaning costs; please Contact Me to enquire


Healing the Cause of your Emotional, Mindset & Physical Condition(ing)

  • Do you find that your life is not moving forward? 

  • Does Your Work or Life Feel Restricted and Unfulfilling? 

  • Do you long for a sense of peace, fulfillment & freedom?

Phrases like ‘Finding Yourself’ and ‘Inner-Child’ often lose their meaning. But it is true. Habits, Mindsets, Beliefs and Behaviours formed in childhood, are often hard to spot and easy to overlook as a root cause of many issues in our life. Issues which manifest themselves as physical and emotional illness, and disabling mindsets.

By freeing yourself from these, you will unlock your life. Getting back to the real you before the layers that life has built on top of it got in the way.

Using Advanced Reiki, Hypnotherapy & Crystal Therapy techniques; we trace back to the Source of your issue & remove it. Replanting a beautiful new seed which gently grows over the coming weeks and months, facilitating real life change for the long term. Freeing you; allowing you to move forward from a space of peace. Empowering you from a place of love & placing your life firmly back in your hands.

​Common Life Blocks I help with:​

  • Anxiety

  • Business Blocks

  • Depression

  • Lack of Energy

  • Lack of Forward Momentum

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Repeated Life Patterns; e.g. relationships, jobs, friendships, money

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Hormonal Imbalances inc conception issues

The only thing stopping you is you!

 Free Your Mind; Manifest Your Life Path.

Book in your free half hour chat to discover how we can work together.​

Galilean Healing 3 month Programme:

  • Session One - Getting to the Root of your problem & Healing It. 1hr 30m to 2hrs - Value  £125

  • Home Study - Letting go of the past exercise, Saying Farewell to the Inner Saboteur & Back to Self exercise. Self Accountability exercise.    Value   £29.90.

  • Session 2 - 3/4 weeks later - Follow Up to reinforce previous work & guide you forward. 1hr to 1hr 30m. Value £105

  • Home Study - Kaizen Journaling & Seeing the Evidence Journaling.     Value £29.90

  • Session 3 - 3/4 weeks later - Focus on Joyful Future Session 45min - 1hr. Value £85

  • Home Study - Focus on a Bright Future Self Study; Value £35

  • PLUS Personalised hypnotherapy MP3 Value £9.95

  • PLUS any other exercises which you may need from my database. (ordinarily you receive at least one more exercise; value £14.95)

  • PLUS Direct access to me over the course, via email WhatsApp voicemail or book in calls, plus another 30 days after Value £105

  • PLUS exclusive access to my online Facebook support group for clients thereafter. Value £49.95.

Total Value:   Over £585!!

For you £345 if paid in full, saving you over 10%,

or £128 over the next 3 months, totaling £384 via the payment plan.​

One off Tailored Treatments: available to healers only and those on their healing journey on my discretion. Price Upon Application for a 1hr 30min to 2hr session. Please book in your Free Consult Call here.

What Others Say:

"I received healing through (Rachael) on a 1 to 1 basis. This was such

an amazing session! She is a genuine, gifted soul. 💖"


"I am a practitioner myself and I absolutely loved the way Rachael

worked.  I am very particular who I allow to work on me and I am happy

to highly recommend Rachael."


Full T&C's Including Additional Ones for Galilean Healing Programme Here


Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul

Reiki Healing is an energy healing system, developed my Mikao Usui in the 19th Century, and taken from the Ancient Indian Sutras. It enables your cells to return to their normal frequency, working on a quantum cellular level. 

Healing on a physical level, an emotional level, your mindset and your Spirit. Helping, without interfering with Western Modern Medicine, with any number of emotional and physical illnesses.

As a highly experienced Reiki Master & Teacher I couple my advanced Reiki abilities with Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Sound Healing, providing a deep healing session you won't receive elsewhere.

Some Conditions will require a series of healing sessions; in which case you may need to consider a Galilean Healing Programme; see above.

  • Distance Healing In My Time - £25

Advanced Reiki, Crystal Grid, Healing Reading & Chakra Report Online, sent within 24 hours

  • Online Reiki Healing - Half Hour - £37

Advanced Reiki, Crystal Grid, Verbal chakra report, visualisation

  • Online Reiki Healing - One Hour - £65

Advanced Reiki, Crystal Grid, Verbal Chakra Report, visualisation, Affirmation Work (hypnotherapy techniques),.



Retrieving Pieces of Your Soul

Healing & Empowering

  • Are you fascinated by Previous Lives and wish to know more about yours?

  • Do you have issues with your family and cannot understand why you chose to be with them in this life?

  • Do you suffer from a psychical or emotional condition, or recurring life block for which you can find no current life explanation?

  • Does your family suffer from cycles and patterns, from one generation to the next?

  • Do you find yourself reliving the same themes with no outcome?


Regression is a deeply healing tool when used in the right way. I can help you end these cycles, give you a deeper self understanding and connect you into parts of yourself which you have forgotten.

It can also be used for Ancestral Healing, for which I have a deep and personal connection to. Through my hypnotherapy qualification, as well as my nature as a healer, I work with a psychological as well as a spiritual understanding.

Providing an empowering session, tuned into your personality, enhancing your strengths and sensitivities. Leaving you feeling free and allowing this life to unfold exactly as it should do.

Hour and a Half Session - £120

   What Others Say:

  "Rachael comes from a place of love exploring the past

    in order to heal the present"

   " Wow, this was a powerful session. Rachael was

   an incredible guide. I was able to find the answers I

    was looking for. "




Reclaiming Pieces of Your Soul

I regularly run group experiences for regression.

Please have a look at my Upcoming Events here here

to see if it takes your fancy!

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