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Introducing you to the Banshee, exploring the myths and facts around her, allowing you to connect into her, her wisdom and healing.

Incorporating hypnotherapy and healing techniques, free yourself from themes of loss, anger and sorrow in your own time and space. Allowing you to focus on joy, love and community.



'This is one of the best spiritual books I have read. Full of wisdom for your personal development.' Matt

'Absolutely love the approach of this book! Its personable and full to the brim of aha moments that could have you highlighting paragraphs and writing in the margins every time you read it. I especially love the exercises and invitations to deepen your understanding. Amazing book.' Nici


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Heal your heart emotionally, mentally and spiritually using your body’s authentic abilities. In this book, Rachael, who is a highly experienced hypnotherapist and healer, uses a combination of energy healing and hypnotherapy techniques to guide you through a not only connecting into this much misunderstood spirit, but how to heal through her.


Working on both the logical and emotional, through both Spirit and Science. She engages our Divine Feminine, and empowers it in both women and men.


Banshee's have been much maligned over the years, as has much of the Divine Feminine. Their ability to weep and cry allows them to heal our grief and sorry. They also have an innate ability to connect into anger and heal those emotions we fear the most; even anger we have buried and hidden. Through this they enable you to find your authentic voice.


"As a Healer, Therapist and Spiritual Medium, I started to work with Banshee energy many years ago, realising over time that my ability to cry, to hold space for others while they wept, and to weep for others when they were unable to, meant I had a strong affinity with these wonderful feminine souls of the Earth.Banshee have long been associated with death in the Ancient Irish traditions. Our understandable human fear of passing, the sighting of a Banshee was seen as a bad omen. Our comprehension now, that passing only happens when the time is right, allows us to move away that misinterpretation. Allowing us to see this Spirit as a loving visitor, attending to us in our darkest hours.With my Irish heritage, my connection into the Earth and the Mother energy within, I have been privileged enough to gain a strong connection, allowing me to see the true soul that lays beneath the myths. A connection which they would like me to share with you all. They are here to change lives for the better and to reconnect with is on a grand scale. Through this book I intend to show you who they really are, how they have worked with me and to share with you some beautiful exercises and visualisations to enable you to work with the Banshee, and allow her to heal you in the most natural way possible. Walk with her now."About the Author: Rachael is a psychic, Spiritual medium, healer of multiple modalities and hypnotherapist. She has been on her actively developing herself Spiritually for over 13 years and calls herself a ‘modern mystic’. She was born to an Irish mother, and an English father.“The term mystic came up a few years ago with a friend. We were asking ‘where are all the mystics?’ Where were those taking Spirituality forward? I realised over the next couple of months that I was one; my friends and I were the Modern Mystics. I have always had a strong faith, but also a logical and sceptical mind. I feel emotions strongly and deeply. That balance being of great importance to me. For me the journey of self-reflection and healing is the Spiritual journey. I have always been lucky that I can ‘see’ and have never limited my connection; asking that those Spirits step forward who are best for this situation, person or healing. That is how the Banshee, among many other beautiful beings, showed herself to me. I believe that she, as well as others, are here to help mankind move beyond limiting fear based ways of being, which restrict us as a species. I am truly blessed and joyous at being able to bring her to you, in order that she may help you on your journey. I hope you find guidance and comfort from your connection to her.”

The Banshee; Heart Healer. Briar Rose & Divine Feminine

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