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You need this in your life if . . .

  • you are looking to create something
  • you wish to manifest a new emotional outlook
  • you feel blocked on a project, idea or on money
  • you need to do work around money
  • you are a student of magic!
  • you wish to study the Kabbalah


What you will get out of this print out:

  • a process of creation for everything!
  • an understanding of where a current maybe
  • where a project you are currently working on maybe stuck
  • ideas of how to go forward
  • a sense of forward momentum
  • a deep understanding of some of the issues we all experience around manifestation
  • visualisation techniques
  • An overview of the magic and Ancient Mysticism of the Kabbalah!


If you are blocked in any of these areas, and need further advice look to book in for a one to one service!

Manifestation for Out of the Box Thinkers; Kabbalah Tree of Life

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