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You will love this printable download if . . .

  • you are looking to attract abundance in all her forms into your life.
  • you are emotionally in the right place but failing to build material abundance 
  • you would like to invite more joy based abundance into your life
  • you have blocks around your root chakra; stability, security, money, home.
  • you feel anxious or uneasy around money creation
  • you are into magic and woowoo!
  • you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden!


What you will get from this are . . .

  • tools to last a life time
  • a sense of fun and joy into how you create your abundance
  • buildings blocks on which to build long term change
  • a way to attract in what you need
  • a sense of ease around attracting in money
  • abdunance in all her forms; material and emotional!

Leprechaun's Hoard; Rainbows and Pots of Gold printable exercise

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