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This MP3 download, with hypnotherapy, mindset and energetic elements will be useful for you if:

  • you are an empath or sensitive
  • you have become reclusive in order to manage your energy
  • you would like to be seen and appreciated more
  • you wish your spiritual business to flourish
  • want to step into your Divine Self
  • Want to embody Your Inner God or Goddess in balance
  • want to step into your High Priest or Priestess


with regular use this will give you:

  • a tool to empower your personal blend of strength
  • boundaries; encouraging the right people forward and others to go the other way.
  • Inner Confidence; in yourself, your pathway and your connection
  • want to be an empowered as an empath
  • want their alternative work to be seen to help as many as possible

Empowerment not Protection MP3 exercise

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