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We all have those points in the day and those situations in life, where it we need a helping hand. Where our anxiety or stress symptoms are just too much and we need something to refocus us. Where our depression or lack of self care becomes too much for us.


Charged Rose Quartz for emotional healing, Amethyst for perspective and changing focus, and Clear Quartz for clarity and drawing on the Universe. All attuned to the Violet Flame of healing. 


For you if:

  • you suffer with anxiety or depression
  • are an Empath or energy sensitive
  • want to create an anchor to bring back the energy of meditation or healing


Comes with handbag/pocket bag, so you can easily keep it in the car, your pocket or your handbag.  Comes with full instructions for use and for after care.



Pink Rose Quartz Polished Heart - approx 3cm

Purple Chevron Polished Amethyst - approx 2cm

Clear White Quartz Polished Point - approx 5cm

Organza Bag

Use and Care Instructions

Emotional First Aid Crystal Kit

  • Legal return within 14days, at your expense is available, if the product is returned in resaleable state.

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