I have the experience and the passion

Throughout my career, I balance logic and emotion; Spirit and Science. Non truer than in my teaching, where I combine modern standards, so important for the present-day student, with the ethereal.

I teach from a place of knowledge and continued, personal, development, as well as a love and joy for passing on information. I'd love to teach you, and hope you find my teaching friendly yet professional.

Would you like me to teach you one of my lovely workshops below on a one to one basis? Then Contact Me here. An extra fee is applicable (two of you? The extra fee is waived!). Can't see a date you want because of planning issues around COVID? Get in touch to get on my waiting list! 

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Reiki Treatment



If you are on your Spiritual journey, you or a family member have a long term physical or emotional condition, learning to heal will bring you and others a sense of peace, calm and forward momentum.


Usui Reiki 1 Day Group Workshop;

  • 4 Spiritual Attunements,

  • Extensive workbook,

  • How to heal yourself, family & friends, children & animals

  • Unlimited Long Term Support

  • 21 Day Post Workshop Online Group Session

  • Highly Experienced Teacher Who Would Love to Work With You!

(NB I do not teach Reiki 1 & 2 out together, for various reasons)



For those who have learned to heal and wish to progress their journey and their ability to a professional level.

Reiki 2 Group Workshop for those with Reiki 1.

  • Two attunements to increase healing capacity

  • Learn distance healing

  • Enhance Reiki with symbols

  • Extra Technqiues Inc Previous Lives & Dowsing

  • Substantial workbook inc Business Advice

  • Insurable certificate

  • Unlimited Long Term Support

  • 21 day, post workshop, online group session

  • Working with a highly experienced teacher, who adores her work!

(NB if you haven't worked with me before, I require at least 6 months between Reiki 1 & 2​)

Reiki Treatment
Healing Touch Therapy_1



Master your Healing through Reiki Master Group Workshop. For those with Reiki 1 & 2.


Receive from the day:

  • The Master Attunement to maximise your healing

  • Two Master Symbols

  • Substantial Workbook inc Business Advice

  • Additional Advanced Techniques

  • Insurable Master Certificate

  • Unlimited Long Term Support

  • 21 Day Post Workshop Online Group Session

  • Experienced & Advanced Reiki Teacher who is excited to work with you!

(NB if you haven't worked with me before, I require 1 year between Reiki 2 & Master)



Learn to teach others the beautiful art you have Mastered.


Receive from the day:

  • Learn to attune

  • Learn how to put together a workshop & workbooks for the modern student

  • Insurable Master Teacher Certificate

  • Extensive Workbook

  • Access to Exclusive Teacher Shared Drive with all my latest information.

  • Business focus, on what makes you a Master people are drawn to

  • Apprentice me in a workshop

  • Max of two attendees per workshop

  • Unlimited Ongoing Support

  • Work with a Teacher who wants you to Succeed!!

(NB For those of you who have not worked with me before, I require 3 years since you started your Reiki journey & to see you heal).

Outdoor Study Group
Crystal Ball

Certificated Foundation Level Day Course


  • Are you drawn to crystals or helping others?

  • Do you or a loved one need to manage a long term emotional or physical illness?

From this day you will:

  • Insurable certificate

  • Learn you how to heal yourself and others

  • Bringing a sense of healing and calm into lives

  • Two Crystal Grids to heal with

  • Work with Two Well known Spiritual Teachers and Healers

  • Unlimited Long Term Support

  • Extensive Workbook

  • Other Uses for Crystals

  • Receive a Healing & Practice Treatment



Full details to be announced, but will include:

  • Advanced Grids

  • Manifestation and Intention Setting

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Crystal Elixirs

  • Talisman Creation

Practitioners Day Course, with home study element


  • Are you a healer who is looking to elevate their work?

  • Does your healing and spiritual journey need some forward momentum?

  • Are you an empathic healer who works with the heart and emotions?

This beyond master workshop will give you the direction and fresh approach to healing that you are looking for.

Learn how to use crystals and hypnotherapy techniques alongside advanced 'Now-Age' Reiki on this insurable and certificated day workshop. For those with Reiki 2 and above.


Attunement to channel the Christed Consciousness vibration, & to work with Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their circle of healers. Two new symbols. Harbouring the use of affirmations and intent in your healing work, with direction to produce real results.

More information on my bespoke site here.

Reiki Treatment
Healing Touch Therapy_1


Practitioners Deeper Hypnotherapy Course


A Practitioners Day Workshop for those who have completed Galilean healing level 1. 


  • Are you looking to make real world changes, in the lives of others quickly?

  • Do you enjoy working with clients who are looking to make changes to their life?

Working on a deeper level with hypnotherapy techniques, delve into:

  • Using deeper hypnotherapy techniques

  • Harbouring the Power of the Mind Over Healing

  • Previous Life Trauma Re-Imagining

  • This Life Trauma Re-Imagining

  • Connection & Re-Alignment into Origin Energy.

  • Learn how to use your slant on healing

More information on my bespoke site here.


Personalised Online Teaching

The only thing that is stopping you is you. So why not dive in?


Be your Ultimate Healer, Spiritual Teacher or Reader.

  • Are you struggling to find development groups in your local area which resonate with you?

  • Are you looking to fine hone your Spiritual reading, healing or teaching style?

  • Would you like a general chat about Spiritual matters and don't know where to turn?

Believe me, I have been in your shoes and have worked with different teachers, mentors and peers in order to find my own professional, authentic style, which is aligned to the modern client.


An online session with me, an experienced teacher and professionally successful reader and healer, will give you the one to one focus your development deserves. Giving you the confidence in your ability and direction on your journey. For a limited time I am offering a package of three sessions, with a reduced price and a FREE 30 min planning session.


Please feel free to contact me via the bottom of the page to find out if I can help or book in here:

£55 - One Hour Session

£150 - Three Sessions PrePaid Plus Free 30m Planning Call

People During Workshop


You will find a wealth of information on offer. Everything from free blogs and video lessons, to group healing sessions and one off workshops.

Have a browse through what I have got coming up and see what takes your fancy, but it is likely to include some of:

  • Group Regression Workshops

  • Public Mediumship Demonstrations

  • Essential Oil 101

  • 'Beyond Reiki' Advanced Reiki Workshops

  • Group Healing Experiences

  • Divine Feminine Workshops

  • Sound Healing Experiences

  • Psychic Development Workshops

  • Candle Magic & Emotional Intention Setting

  • Children's Crystal Courses