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Heal the Healer Reiki

Massively reduced price Reiki session for those working in health services, for the NHS & as carers.

  • 30 min
  • 5 British pounds
  • Seymour Close

Service Description

As an empath and healer myself, it has been my mission to enable others like myself; we are the ones that change the world, just by doing what we need to do. I aim to empower and support these empathic and vocational individuals, and offer this Reiki for a token fee as my energy exchange, for a limited number of sessions per month. Only £5 down from £38. Reiki is an Ancient healing art from the Sanskrit texts, rediscovered by the Japanese Tibetan Monk, Mikao Usui in the 19th Cent. It heals physically, emotionally, mindset and life pathway (Spiritually). Minimally you will come away from a session feeling refreshed and uplifted, finding life easier to cope with. At it's best, Reiki will help support our life in many ways and always works to your personal best interests. It supports your system to operate at it's very best (working with the very fabric of the energy, the atoms, that your cells are made from, it returns the cells core to where it should be, rather than the de-energised state it is likely in) These sessions are available online video call as well as face to face, the choice is yours and both work just as well. But for some people face to face is preferable and I totally understand this. To qualify I would like some proof of either the industry you work in, evidence of your carer's allowance, or diagnosis papers for the person you live with. How the session will work; I will have a chat with you about what you need from the session (healing, relaxation, destress etc). You will either lay in a quiet area where you won't be disturbed at home for your video call, or on my therapy bed in my home treatment room (which is upstairs so please bear this in mind for accessibility) and I will either lay my hands on you (head and lower legs only) or just above you. I will talk through what I am doing if it is online, in both cases allowing you to relax. You may feel heat or tingling, you may see colours or images, or a feeling of energy flowing, even after I have moved my hands on. Sessions are a half hour. Next steps: book in below! If you would like to have a chat first, either book in a free healing call, or contact me at the bottom of the page. In the same way it may take many years for us to become physically and emotionally ill, it may take several sessions for you to heal. Please note Reiki heals, it does not cure.

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit or booking fee represents your commitment to your healing or guidance, which meets my commitment to keep the slot for you. Being Self Employed I ask that Clients are mindful of this commitment I provide to you. I require at least 48 hours notice of cancellation for one to one services, in order to allow me to try to re-book your space. Please contact me if there are exceptional circumstances with at least 48 hours for one to one appointments and 7 days for workshops. Deposits or balances paid for workshops and one to one services will be lost after your statutory online booking 14 day cancellation period; unless it is within 3 weeks of the workshop or appointment. For workshops full balance is due 7 day before the workshop as resources have already been set aside for you, and as such our service already begun. If you do not meet that 48 hours for one to one appointments or 14 days for workshops, your full balance or deposit will be lost. This is inline with your statutory rights and regulations. As always, exceptional circumstances are considered, so in those cases please let me know.

Contact Details

  • Rachael; Teacher, Healer, Mystic, Seymour Close, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, UK


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