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❔Are you at a crossroads, or feel stuck?

❔Are you Sensitive, a Healer or Spiritual Guider?

❔Are you searching for real guidance that will make a practical difference in your life?


As a reader with many years experience, I have a strong connection, not just to Spirit, but your Guides and Higher Pathway, I have had clients in your position who have left my readings feeling free, positive and with a deeper understanding of purpose. I know what it is like to be sat in your shoes, and pride myself on my accuracy and professionalism, coupled with a down to earth and friendly style.

A deep look at your situation via Zoom Video Online call.

I am able to connect into your energy remotely due to my experience and understanding of energy. 

Opening with an aura or guide reading to see where your energy is now and what life and Spiritual themes you have been working through, bringing it to your real life with Tarot to show how to take yourself forward on your pathway. 

Crystal Ball

Clients say:

  • ‘Rachael's work is inspired!’

  • ‘Fantastic reading, attentive, down to earth and magical’

  • 'I feel 100% less stressed and happier'

Looking at least 3 months back and 3 months forward. You may record the call your end; if you would like me to record the call or a transcript please ask.

1 hour - £45


As a healer, I know the healing power of a message from a loved one in Spirit. As an experienced platform demonstrating medium, I can easily draw your loved ones close, to give you the closer and connection we all need form time to time.

Whether you are looking for guidance from your loved ones in Spirit or just reassurance they are around, I have the love and experience to provide you with the support and information, to get the magical experience you need.

I will give you evidence to identify the loved ones stepping forward, physical features, personality, memories, evidence that they are around you at the moment, and then pass on their messages of love and hope. I believe that the message of our loved ones have to give, is what really resonates with our hearts and soul, and where my focus lies. 

Message from at least 2 loved ones. If you want a message from a particular person, I ask that you have an item from them on your person while we talk, to cement the connection.

Prayer Candles

"Our loved ones are always here, always near,

Loving us, carrying us, holding our hopes and alaying our fear,

To feel them close is to feel the Divine

In your heart, in your soul and in your mind."

Channeled poem by Rachael Setford-Berry

Record Zoom call at your end. Please ask if you would like me to record or a transcript.

45 mins - £45

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