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You're going to love this Shamanic style healing if. . . 

  • You feel in overwhelm
  • you suffer with anxiety
  • you struggle to prioritise
  • you struggle with organisation
  • you have a busy mind
  • struggle with saying no
  • struggle with maintaining boundaries
  • have a love for nature
  • need some relaxation!


From this you will . . . 

  • get a sense of calm and relaxation
  • obtain a sense of perspective
  • get an ability to focus
  • have a clearer mind
  • an ability to connect into your prorities, naturally.
  • an ability to connect into areas in your life you want to say yes to
  • find it easier to say no where you need to.


You may listen to this on a regular basis, if you wish to work on some of these areas long term. at least once a week as much as daily.

Throw Away Your Troubles MP3

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