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You will find this CBT Coaching and Hypnotherapy exercise indespensible if:

  • you have a tendency to Hyper focus or worry
  • you find yourself focusing on worse case scenarios
  • you struggle to put situations or issues to one side
  • you find yourself waking at night worrying about things
  • you have OCD around certain areas
  • you need to build boundaries
  • you feel under fire from other people


Download and use on a regular basis to find:

  • a reliable tool use can use throughout the day and night
  • a sense of perspective
  • peace and calm mind
  • an ability to put things to one side easier
  • an ability to move on from issues easier
  • to feel more secure and centred in your mind
  • to find a sense of balance
  • to build real life healthy boundaries with people and situations

Soft Focus for HyperFocus Exercise MP3

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