Crystal Reiki Pre-Charged Grid for Physical healing & long-term healing


Do you or a loved one have a long-term illness?

Are you struggling with a condition which Western Modern Medicine can offer no long-term cure?

Would you like to do more for yourself, to give yourself the best all round care?


This pre-charged crystal grid will help your body to let go of toxic energy, and to improve the overall vibration of your cells, to allow them to heal at their optimum. This crystal grid brings in the healing energy of Mother Earth and is charged with advanced Reiki to the Christed Consciousness Vibration to bring in Angelic Healing.


We sometimes take months or years to fall into physical illness, so using this grid over the long term will aid you or a loved one’s journey. Providing emotional release as well as physical help, this grid will help you get to the root of your issues, as well as providing emotional support during this period. Grid founded in the Tree of Life; through which is brought the understanding our minds have over the physical world.


Anchored in hexagonal cut Ruby and Seftonite egg for physical healing, blue calcite for emotional wellbeing, blood-orange calcite for hormonal balance and assisting the blood supply, snow quartz to clear and  focus the immune system and nervous system, Tiger's Eye for the body's bio-chemistry, Rose Quartz; the Master Healer. With the energy disruption field anchored with clear quartz, to ensure that no new heavy energy enters the recipient’s field.


You will receive a pre-charged and attuned set containing:


Sacred Geometric Grid Mat

Full instructions on how to set up and use, including long term care

Hexagonal Rough-cut Ruby - 1cm thick, 3 cm wide

Seftonite egg 3 cm long

Blue calcite rough cut x 2 - 2cm

Blood-orange Rough cut Calcite x 2 - 2cm

Snow quartz rough cut x 2 - 2cm

Tiger's Eye polished x 2 - 2cm

Rose Quartz rough cut - 5cm

Mini clear quartz tumble x 4 - 1cm


If you would like a quote for a grid to suit your individual needs, please let me know and I can arrange to get a quote for you.


Physical & Long Term Healing Crystal Reiki Pre-Charged Grid Kit

  • Please note that all of the materials are natural, and therefore the ones you receive may not look like the ones photographed. They are all high quality stones and whether or not they look exactly the same the same as the ones photographed, they will be the same stone and contain the same properties and energy.


    All products are non refundable. If you wish to return them please contact us and we will consider on a case by case basis, but we may ask they are returned at your expense.