Sacred Geometric Crystal Reiki Grid for Joy, Personal Power and Vitality


Crystals are the ultimate way to manifest a new mindset, reality or situation in your life. They work with the Earth's energy to bring the way we would like life to be, into reality.


·         Are you low on energy and feel unfocused?

·         Do you struggle to focus on the positive or feel upbeat?

·         Do you suffer with anxiety or depression?


This channeled grid is designed to not only improve your mood immediately, but to also change your outlook with long term use. The healing crystals will bring you Mother’s Earth ability to ground off what is dragging you down, and turn your vibration up! They are attuned to the Christed Consciousness Vibration to bring deep healing and the Violet Flame to bring about mental change needed for long term change. Anchored in the sacred geometry of the 12 pointed star, for energy, change and abundance.


This grid will enable you to:

·         Feel clear minded

·         Feel positive, happy and energetic.

·         With long term use allow you to be grounded in joy based living

·         Find joy in your life’s purpose.


The crystals are anchored in :


Tangerine Calcite for balance and joy based living

Dolomite with Pyrite for personal empowerment, life path and positive outlook, 

Snow Quartz for mental clarity, carnelian for vitality and confidence

Citrine for mental clarity and will power

Opal Moon Quartz for energy and passion. 



If you would like a quote for a grid to suit your individual needs, please let me know and I can arrange to get a quote for you.

Joy, Personal Power and Vitality Sacred Geometric Crystal Reiki Healing Grid Set

  • Please note that all of the materials are natural, and therefore the ones you receive may not look like the ones photographed. They are all high quality stones and whether or not they look exactly the same the same as the ones photographed, they will be the same stone and contain the same properties and energy.


    All products are non refundable. If you wish to return them please contact us and we will consider on a case by case basis, but we may ask they are returned at your expense.