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For: Creating Balanced Boundaries, Strengthening Your Personal Power, Keep other people's negativity at bay.


Use Me: On Your Key Chain, on your bag, under your pillow.


Hold Me; set your intention with your thoughts!


Handmade by a solitary hedgewitch with Love.


Made with Italian Murano Glass Beads!

Black bead to absorb negativity and facing fears; white bead to bring light, clarity and divine wisdom. Together bringing balance. Red; empowering and empassionist.

Hamsa Hand charm: Also known as the hand of Fatima; An ancient Mesopatamian Amulet meaning The Hand of God. Used throughout Buddhism & Hinduism to bring both Absolute Protection & Blessings; warding off negativity.

Threaded with gold thread and loop for hanging.


Comes with Full instructions and bag.

Italian Murano Glass Mini Charms; Balanced Protection Charm

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