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How do I know if this is for me? If you . . .

  • Do not feel settled in your current work.
  • Find yourself moving from job to job in very quick succession
  • Feel you are made for something more
  • Have been looking for joy in work
  • Have been looking for what you were meant to bring to the world
  • are looking to change the planet in your own way.
  • find that a normal career doesn't suit you.


How will this help me? It will give you . . .

  • an opportunity to look at your skills with perspective
  • an opportunity to identify what you can get paid to do which will make your happy
  • a tool to understand your career path with logic and perspective.
  • an understanding of what joys you need to embrace as a hobby.
  • an understanding that your path to joy, will also manifest your life's path of monetary abundance.

Ikigai - Life Purpose Mapping

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