Heavenly & Earthly Communication & Angelic Healing Sacred Geometric Crystal Grid Set


- Do you struggle to communicate your wants and needs?

- Do you wish to improve your psychic ability and your spiritual connection?

- Are you in need of angelic healing or do you draw on the angelic realms when you are healing?


This beautiful crystal grid set will help you with communication in your personal or spiritual life, as it connects and draws down energy from the angelic plains; enabling you to speak your personal truth. This is turn allows you to walk your life’s pathway. This grid draws down so effectively on the energy from the Higher plains that you can also use the energy for healing yourself and others, by simply changing your intention. Full instructions are included within the set to enable you to serve your needs the best.


The set is attuned to the Christed Consciousness Vibration and the Violet Flame, and works to your personal best interests and your highest good. Bringing in the Earthly healing of the crystals themselves, which anchor in the Angelic realms. I am an advanced Crystal Reiki Healer and Teacher, and run my own teaching school on the South Coast.


Anchored an Angelite Angel for angel communication and healing, with Rose Quartz for compassion and love, Snow quartz for clarity & discernment, Amethyst for insight and the violet flame, Aura Quartz for connection, communication & healing, Abalone Shell for connection, compassion & peace, Sodalite for throat chakra, Blue Agate for communication and confidence, Purple Agate for psychic abilities, Blue Calcite for astral travel and the throat chakra. Set around the 12 pointed star.


Set contains:

- Full Instructions

- Grid Mat

- Angelite Angel – 1 and a half inches

- Rose Quartz - rough cut – 2-3 inches

- Snow Quartz – rough cut – 1 inch

- Amethyst – rough point – half to 1 inch

- Aura Quartz – polished point - 2 inches

- Abalone Shell – polished piece – 1 inch

- Blue Calcite – rough cut – 1-2 inches

- Blue Agate – small polished tumble – half inch x 2

- Purple Agate – small polished tumble – half inch x 2

- Amethyst – small polished tumble – half inch

- Sodalite - small polished tumble – half inch


If you would like a quote for a grid to suit your individual needs, please let me know and I can arrange to get a quote for you.


Please note that all of the materials are natural, and therefore the ones you receive may not look like the ones photographed. They are all high quality stones and whether or not they look exactly the same the same as the ones photographed, they will be the same stone and contain the same properties and energy.


Heavenly & Earthly Communication & Angelic Healing Sacred Geometric Crystal Gri