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Limited edition; batch made. Each item finished to order by a Solitary Hedge Witch.


Triple Threat Aura Spray 50ml Heart Healer; 

Lavender, Quartz, Chrysocolla, Emerald & Ruby Vibrational Moon Essence, with mint & lime. 


  • To ease sorrow, shock & overwhelm, 
  • For physical, emotional & mental support, 
  • To return to Oneness, the Divine Goddess within, 
  • For gentleness & relationship harmony.


Blue, glass spray bottles. To be sprayed in the aura and mouth, as needed. 

Use to cleanse treatment bed spray and healing area into area.


Preserved with botanical gin & pure white vinegar. 


Ingredients; Magic, Mystery, Reiki, Mineral Water, White Vinegar, Botanical Gin, DoTerra CPTG grade Lime and Peppermint Essential Oil.

Heart Healer Aura Spray; 50mlCrystal Flower Moon Essence

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