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This MP3 download exercise is perfect for you if:

  • you are an Empath looking for Empowerment
  • you have an issue with feeling drained and lacking energy
  • you struggle to say no
  • you find other people empowering
  • you need to move people out of your life
  • you wish to tune into your own personal strengths and power
  • you need to cleanse your energy
  • you would like better friends
  • you need a better support network around you


Using the exercises in this audio you will find:

  • a regular place to reconfirm your boundaries
  • a relaxing and rejuventating experience 
  • more self confidence
  • more self compassion
  • a balance within your relationships
  • movement away from relationships which drain you.
  • a rejuvination in your own personal creativity and abundance

Healthy Boundaries MP3 - Inner, Outer and Arctic Circles

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