Sacred geometric crystal grid for grounding and shadow work


Crystals are the ultimate way to manifest a new mindset, reality or situation in your life. They work with the Earth's energy to bring the way we would like life to be, into reality. 


Crystals are energetically the most powerful way to ground yourself

· Do you feel sluggish, unfocused or forgetful?

· Do you emotionally imbalanced at times?

· Do you suffer at relationships including friends or family, or have an unstable income or home life?


These are all symptoms of being ungrounded. With this grid you will be able to:


· Feel more grounded

· Suffer less with the symptoms of grounding

· Find your life changes over the long-term use

· Heal the cause of these symptoms known as shadow self-work

These sets are charged using the Christed Consciousness vibration alongside the power of both polished and raw crystals designed by an established crystal Reiki master with her own teaching school.



This grid is anchored in:

Hematite – This absorbs negativity and is highly grounding, turning negativity into positivity

Bronzite – Changes other’s attitudes towards yourself and your attitude towards others and grounding

Pyrolusite – This is a stone of purification of ground and empowering

Coffee calcite – Helps breaks patterns and grounding

Red Jasper – empowering and gives strength and highly grounding working on the root chakra

Green Calcite – gives vitality, purpose and self-forgiveness

Tigers Eye – Gives courage, confidence and enables you to see your desires with motivation, is highly grounding.,

Smoky Quartz – to enable you to see what you need to with perspective

Clear Quartz – Brings clarity, focus and a sense of personal purpose



The set will include:


1 Grid Mat – 21 x 21 cm

1 Italian Iridescent Hematite rough cut – Approx. 3cm

2 Coffee Calcite rough cut – Approx. 2.5cm

1 Red Jasper polished – Approx. 2.5cm

2 Green and brown calcite rough cut – Approx. 1.5cm

1 Bronzite polished – Approx. 2.5cm

1 Tigers Eye polished – Approx. 1.5cm

1 Pyrolusite polished – Approx. 1cm

2 Hematite polished – Approx. 1cm

1 Brown Agate polished – Approx. 1cm

5 Red Jasper polished – Approx. 1cm

2 Smokey Quartz polished – Approx. 1cm

1 Clear Quartz polished – Approx. 1cm

Instructions for activation


If you would like a quote for a grid to suit your individual needs, please let me know and I can arrange to get a quote for you.


Grounding & Shadow Work Sacred Geometric Crystal Energy Spiritual Healing Grid

  • Please note that all of the materials are natural, and therefore the ones you receive may not look like the ones photographed. They are all high quality stones and whether or not they look exactly the same the same as the ones photographed, they will be the same stone and contain the same properties and energy.


    All products are non refundable. If you wish to return them please contact us and we will consider on a case by case basis, but we may ask they are returned at your expense.