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Blessed and charged ritual salt - 50g.


Uplifting, opening, balanced. Floral, fruity and cleansing.


Handmade and blessed by a Solitary Hedge Witch.


Use: sprinkle on the border of your home or in a bowl in a living or sacred space.

To help create: positivity, balance and protection, to rid any low vibes. To bring the abundance of the Goddess of Spring and the Underworld.


Use on the slither in the sky of the New Moon Crescent, to give the power a boost.


Sprinkle within the home, open all of the windows, invite negative energy to leave, and leave for a couple of hours. Hoover up after!


Ingredients: whole Sea Salt, dried Rose Petals, dried Marigold petals, dried Chamomile Flowers, dried Lavender flowers, dried Nettle, fir essential oil, camphor Essential Oil, lavender essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, geranium essential oil.


Not for internal use, or for use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Not for the bath. Be careful around children and pets.


Comes in a wax paper package and with full instructions.

Freya's Garden Blessed and Charged Ritual Salt

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