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Essential Oils are my first alternative love! 


They have a historical use for being used, in very small quantities, internally. From everything from digestion issues to stress. The current market is flooded with oils, where there is little traceability and nearly no 'end-to-end' control over the product. Meaning that there is no guarantee on the quality of the oils in many cases.


I intend to show you, that with being selective about a manufacturer who works directly with the farmers, produces their products themselves and are very careful about their production methods, you can use them as they have been used for a very long time!


In this Ebook you will discover how to use essential oils topically (through the skin). You need this eBook in your life if . . . 

  • you have a short term or long term physical condition you need supprt with.
  • you need help with digestion
  • you are healing through emotional conditions
  • you are aware of the issues with some over the counter medications
  • you are looking for natural safe treatments for you and the family.
  • you are a keen cook!
  • you would like to support others in your life.
  • you have a witchy vibe and love working with plant energies!


You will gain . . .

  • an understanding of why you should use essential oils internally
  • how to use them safely internally
  • the science  and research behind using oils internally
  • dosing amounts knowledge
  • how to take them internally
  • cooking with essential oils
  • suggestions for oils and how to take them! Loads of suggestions!


If you enjoy this, there is plenty more information about essential oils within your collection; please also book in your free one to one with me using the code PRACTICALMAGICIAN on check out.


This blog about with an amazing recipe for Wild Orange Power bites is scrummy!

Essential Oils; how to use them internally! Ebook

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