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Essential Oils are my first alternative love!


In this Ebook you will discover how to use essential oils aromatically (through inhalation). You need this eBook in your life if . . . 

  • you have some essential oils and want to make more of them
  • you have a short term or long term physical condition you need supprt with.
  • you are healing through emotional conditions
  • you are aware of the issues with some over the counter medications
  • you are looking for natural safe treatments for you and the family.
  • you would like to support others in your life.
  • you have a witchy vibe and love working with plant energies!


You will gain . . .

  • an understanding of why essential oils work aromatically
  • the science behind the oils
  • how to choose a good quality diffuser
  • how to blend oils
  • good oils to use
  • how to use essential oils aromatically, easily and cheaply in your home
  • how to treat you and your family aromatically


If you enjoy this, there is plenty more information about essential oils within your collection; please also book in your free one to one with me using the code PRACTICALMAGICIAN on check out.


More info about choosing your diffuser here:

Essential Oils; Aromatic Use. EBook

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