Sacred Geometric Crystal Reiki Grid; Emotional Healing, Emotional Illness and Empaths


Crystals are the ultimate way to manifest a new mindset, reality or situation in your life. They work with the Earth's energy to bring the way we would like life to be, into reality. 


·         Do you suffer from low moods, anxiety or depression?

·         Are you moved by the emotions of others or of a place?

·         Have you ever been described as an Empath or Sensitive?


Using the Flower of Life, this channeled grid for Empaths created by a fellow Empath, will provide healing, transmutation and help you to let go of what no longer serves you. Bringing in the Christed Consciousness vibration via the Violet Flame, combined with the beautiful healing energies of the planet through the crystals.


This grid will enable you to:

·         Let go of what is not yours.

·         Allow you to heal what is yours on a deep level.

·         Maintain your energy.

·         Heal mindsets to provide long term emotional change.

·         Move toxic energy toxic energy from your life when used long term.

·         Focus you on Self Love and Joy.

·         Have emotional balance


The crystals are anchored in:

  • Opalite Egg for growing healing on the Oneness vibration (which Empath’s are linked into)
  • Lepidolite Angel for the Violet Flame, Mindset change and calming angelic healing
  • Raw Rose Quartz for emotional healing and self love
  • Rough Moon Opal Quartz for vitality and balance
  • Lolite for personal empowerment and ridding fear & control
  • Snow Quartz bringing balance and healthy relationships
  • Green Calcite bringing emotional balance and release

Emotional & Empath Healing Sacred Geometric Crystal Reiki Grid

  • Please note that all of the materials are natural, and therefore the ones you receive may not look like the ones photographed. They are all high quality stones and whether or not they look exactly the same the same as the ones photographed, they will be the same stone and contain the same properties and energy.


    All products are non refundable. If you wish to return them please contact us and we will consider on a case by case basis, but we may ask they are returned at your expense.