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Will I find this useful? If you have . . .

  • rooms in your house which they don't feel like using.
  • family dymanic is out of whack.
  • know the previous tennants lived in dischord.
  • a room you don't like using.
  • energy in your home feels strange in a way you can't place.
  • an interest in astrology.
  • an interest in the elements of fire, wind, water or earth.
  • an interest in all things witchy woo-woo!
  • an interest in magic.


How this will help you


It will give you . . .

  • an understanding of how energy works in your home.
  • understanding how the energy in your home effects the inhabitants behaviour
  • a good practical grounding in a starting place from which you can start to make the energy in your home better.
  • an opportunity to improve your day to day living.

Elemental Home Balance

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