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Why you may need this print out lesson in your life?

  • You want to do more with your sparkly crystal collection!
  • You want to know more about crystal healing
  • You'd like a basic understanding of your energy system
  • You need emotional support
  • You have family or loved ones which struggle with their emotions and wish to help
  • You want to start self healing easily


What this lesson will give you:

  • tools and knowledge you can use for life
  • an understanding of your chakras
  • a way to help yourself through emotional illness
  • a way to help others with their emotions
  • how your emotions maybe linked to your physical illness
  • how to choose crystals easily
  • how your chakras are linked to your emotions
  • how to heal yourself
  • a feeling of control when you feel overwhelmed
  • how to care for your crystal collection
  • fab quick tips
  • how to buy crystals
  • next steps on your crystal journey

Crystal Healing for Emotional Health Printable

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