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Perfect to be alternated with the Cherry Blossom on the Mountain exercise.


This MP3 Meditation Exercise will be perfect for you if:

  • you are looking to build healthy boundaries
  • you wish to create abundance in your life
  • you wish to invite joy based experiences in your life
  • you wish to be more grounded
  • you want to create material and monetary abundance in your life
  • you would like a pathway forward in your life
  • want more business or work based opportunities
  • need to make a decision about friendships
  • need to make a decision about work or business opportunity


Use when you need guidance or on a regular basis you will:

  • have more energy with your healthy boundaries
  • have a surer way forward
  • have more confidence in your decisions, even if you are only sure of this next step
  • see real world change in your life
  • have more joyous experiences
  • find that you are inviting more money and material abundance to create a comfortable life for you and your family

Cherry Blossom MP3 Meditation - The Village

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